Monday, 21 December 2009

Blue Monday

Mondays are rubbish. Well this one has been, so i shan't dwell on it. Instead I'll talk about what a lovely day I had yesterday and what I'm planning over the festive period.

In a marked contrast to today, yesterday was lovely. Really lovely. We had a few lovely chums over to join us in a lazy Christmas film filled day, a marathon, if you please. We managed to get through Nightmare before Christmas, Elf, The Holiday, Edwards Scissorhands and A Muppet's Christmas Carol whist drinking (a lot of) grögg, eating pumpkin pie, Gingerbread cookies, lots of cheese and other treats. It really was lovely. A German friend, Bettina brought and constructed a gingerbread house which looks (it's still here) A-mazing! It even has a chocolate fingers picket fence and lattice windows made from gelatine sheets. She's quite the pro - it looks brilliant! She says her mum even manages to put a candle inside hers to make it look like it's lived in!

Actually today has brought me two really gorgeous things, so it's not a total right off. They're both postal based, one delivered to work, the other to home. First treat of the day came in the shape of an A4 DO NOT BEND envelope. I like these, although usually they just contain a poster from the Arts Centre destined for the gallery notice-board. This one however had a sticker on, announcing it was from the wonderful Bold & Noble. Oooh I do love their prints. Inside was this gorgeous limited edition Christmas print. It is so very beautiful! How lovely of them to have sent it.  The more i think about it, the better I feel about today. I shall write them a thank you card telling them how their postal prize has lifted my mood. Thank you Bold & noble - you are wonderful!

The second thing to arrive today was a parcel from my wonderful London gal, George. I haven't opened it yet though, I think it should live under the tree until Christmas day. It's wrapped in a cute Family Tree paper bag with a nice little matching notelet from G attached. I'm so eager to open it but know I should be good, and wait. I posted George's pressie a couple of days ago now. Hope it's arrived alright. I sent her a parcel containing a gorgeous Applique  goodie, shan't say what, though in case she's keeping it under the tree at her end too.

Right, I'm going to cut me another slice of that pumpkin pie.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Relocation, Relocation

If you're looking for news about my illustations, I've decided to export them to another blog, which you can find here. Sorry for the confusion. x